A Lifelong Journey of Becoming A Writer

The Proverbial “They”: What do you want to be when you grow up?

4th Grade Me: A writer.

7th Grade Me: A writer.

10th Grade Me: A writer.

Why didn’t I ever become a writer?  I guess you could say in a way that I did, although not in the way I had imagined as a kid growing up.

The first poem I ever wrote was in 4th grade, titled “Apple”…

Once I ate an apple
I didn’t want to eat
I said I didn’t like it
Mom said it was a treat
I threw it in the garbage
Mom took it out and said
I’ll make you eat this apple
And I’ll shove it down your head

A little scary, but very telling on how I viewed my mother at the time.

As an awkward and lonely teen, I took to pen and paper and tried my hand at poetry.  That and journaling became my outlet of expression (and therapy).  In high school, I even wrote a song or two when I attempted to learn how to play guitar.

When I graduated high school, my only goal was to get away.  Away from my parents, my family, my life.  Truth be told, I was a pretty miserable child.  No, I didn’t have it all that bad when I look back on it, at least not when I compare it to things I know now about the way the world can work sometimes.  I just didn’t relate well to people.  I was an extreme introvert.  So I went away to community college, 300 miles away from “home.”

College People: What do you want to be when you grow up?

18 Year Old Me: …I don’t know?

By that time, it had been ingrained in my mind that writing was a hobby, one of those things people do in their free time.  It was like being a musician, sure there were some lucky few who made a successful full-time career out of it, but these were the exceptions and not the rules.  Plus, if I majored in English, they’d make me read and write all kinds of “crap” I had no interest in, which I never found fun, and what would I do with an English degree anyway?

Okay, so what else do I want to do with my life?  I had no idea what I wanted to do, I just wanted it to matter.  I wanted to “help people.”  So naturally, I chose Psychology as a major.

Little did I know that being a Psychology major was very writing intensive.  It wasn’t until I finished my Associates degree at the community college and started at a university that I had to select a minor study.  Minor?  Apparently it wasn’t optional, so the adviser read off a list of options and I chose the one I thought sounded closest to what I was already doing.  Social Work, I later learned, was another very writing intensive study.

Needless to say, I became very well acquainted with writing and APA format in the 7 years it took me to complete my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2007.  (It really only took five and a half years if you don’t count the 3 non-consecutive semesters I took off here and there.  I worked full time to put myself through college.)

In 2008, I became a social worker.  One might not see how being a social worker would involve much writing, but au contraire!  I was required to document everything and in significant detail.

After high school, I didn’t do much poetry writing.  I even stopped journaling after a few years of being in college.  I have done some blogging here and there.  In 2011, three years into my social work career, I decided to do an online Master’s degree program which was another very writing intensive two years, and by 2013 I earned a Master of Science in Psychology.

Did I mention I still had no idea what I really wanted to do with my life?   I was 30 years old by then.  Sure, I had gained quite a bit of experience, expertise, and confidence with my life in general at that point, but I was incredibly unhappy with my job at that time and pretty burnt out.  So I thought I would try my hand at being an Entrepreneur and start my own Life Coaching business on the side while I looked for other “opportunities” at work.  I completed an online certification, read tons of books on how to be an actual life coach, maintained a life coaching blog, and even wrote and self-published a couple of life-coaching books (Self Esteem and Personal Relationships).  I ultimately ended up closing my life coaching business when another opportunity presented itself at my full time job, but I learned a lot from my time doing the life coaching.

A couple of years ago while I was at the gym one day, on the treadmill, I got an idea for a story line for a book.  I went home and actually started writing it.  I think I wrote about two, maybe three chapters before I set it down, and I didn’t pick it back up until a few weeks ago during the week between Christmas and New Year’s that I took off from work.  My 2-3 chapters turned into 10.  I actually had a real-life novella on my hands!

More about my new book in progress to come!  Watch for my next post.

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  1. Congratulations Man! I Hope It Does Good!

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