7 Songs To Hear With First Impressions: A Novella

During the course of writing my book, First Impressions: A Novella, several songs came to be an integral part of the story line.

I will say that none of these songs inspired any part of the story, but when I heard each one of these songs as some point or another, they each reminded me of specific parts of my book.  This led to me creating a Book Playlist on my Spotify account, and I thought I’d share it for anyone who has read the book or would like to.

Those songs, and the associated parts of the book, are as follows:

1. Here by Alessandra Cara – Chapter 1 – This is the music I hear playing in the Book Shelf as you begin reading the book.  (I also hear a later verse of this song – think “right next to the boy who who’s throwing up cause he can’t take what’s in his cup no more, oh God why am I here…” – playing in Chapter 5 just before Dylan and Zia leave the Thunder Lounge for “unexpected reasons.”)


2. Goodnight Moon by Go Radio – Chapter 3 – This is one of the songs the cover band sings while Zia and Dylan are at the Daylee Grind on Halloween night.


3. Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg – Chapter 3 – This is another song I mention in this chapter that the cover band plays.  Both of these songs were used and actually mentioned in the book for a reason… hello foreshadowing!



4. Jealous by Labrinth – Chapter 6 – I think of this song when Zia gets left behind in the yoga studio and starts realizing that she has some unresolved (and likely unrequited) feelings that are becoming harder to deny.


5. Chandelier by Sia – Chapter 9 – This is the perfect song to describe the part of the story in Chapter 9 when Zia is sitting at the Book Shelf alone, trying to drink away her sorrows.  If you can’t understand all the lyrics, definitely check those out!


6. When A Heart Breaks by Ben Rector – Chapter 10 – I think of this song at the very beginning of Chapter 10, the morning following the night at the Book Shelf and the subsequent, questionable decisions she had made that may have cost her everything she had with Dylan.


7. Who Am I To Stand In Your Way by Chester See – Chapter 10 – This is the song I think of when Zia runs into Dylan after she and “others” run into Dylan after his soccer game they attend.


At this point, I can’t really add any more songs to this list without including any pretty obvious spoilers, so I will leave it at this list for now.  I hope you enjoyed it, and until next time!


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