COMING SOON! Second Thoughts (First Impressions Book 2)

 Second Thoughts: A Novella
There are two sides to every story.

Dylan Porter is a playboy athlete from a wealthy family.  He has always gotten by on his devilish good looks, money, and family reputation to get what he wants, and dating is no exception.  Girls have never been a challenge to Dylan.  That is, until he meets Zia.

Dylan and Zia strike a deal after a chance meeting when Dylan admits that, although he can admittedly get any girl he wants, the girls he has dated all seem the same.  Zia offers to employ her psychology skills to teach Dylan how to find the right girl, not realizing that it’s her he is hoping to win over.

Being who he is, Dylan has to play it cool and not give too much away until he knows that Zia might return his feelings for her.  When all the signs point to saying otherwise, will Dylan give up or risk it all for an unlikely chance?

Second Thoughts is the story as told by Dylan. Read Zia’s side of the story in First Impressions: A Novella (Book 1).

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