LIMITED TIME ONLY – First Impressions – Free Book Promotion

Happy memorial day to all.

I am pleased to announce that First Impressions will be available for a limited time only on a Kindle Direct Publishing FREE Book Promotion.

When: May 31, 2016


Marzia Benagli – Zia – is a psychology student who enjoys people-watching in her free time.  Dylan Porter is a playboy athlete from a wealthy family.  Zia’s first impression of Dylan is that of an over inflated ego, which she is not attracted to despite his undeniable good looks.  While Dylan admits that he can get any girl he wants, they all seem to be the same, and he’s hoping to find something different.

Circumstances bring them together and they work out an arrangement that Zia will use her psychology skills to teach Dylan how to find the right girl.  By the time Zia realizes her first impressions were wrong, she’s already established herself in the friend zone with their arrangement and can’t see any indication that Dylan might see them as anything more.  Will Zia have the strength to walk away when the time comes, and if so, will Dylan let a good thing slip away?

First Impressions is the story as told by Zia.  Don’t miss Dylan’side of the story, coming soon in Second Thoughts.

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