Book Blog Hop – Trick Or Treat?
Happy Halloween, book friends.

All of my e-books are free or deeply discounted, all day Monday, October 31, 2016!

First Impressions: A Novella by [Locker, Nicole R.]Self Esteem 3 Month Transformational Coaching Program Workbook by [Locker MSP, Nicole R.] Personal Relationships 3 Month Transformational Coaching Program Workbook by [Locker MSP, Nicole R.]

  • First Impressions – Regular Price $1.99, On Sale for $0.99
  • Second Thoughts – Regular Price $1.99, On Sale for FREE!
  • Self Esteem – Regular Price $3.99, On Sale for FREE!
  • Personal Relationships – Regular Price $3.99, On Sale for FREE!

(Below is borrowed from Ms. Patricia Lynne)

Once you’ve grabbed my books, see what other goodies are being handed out.

Author Sign ups for Trick-or-Treat Reads Book Blog Hop

1.  Patricia Lynne   8.  Marie Landry   15.  Tyrean Martinson  
2.  HR Sinclair   9.  Deb Atwood   16.  Tamara Narayan  
3.  L.G. Keltner   10.  Jennifer Ellision   17.  K.S. Marsden  
4.  Heather M. Gardner   11.  Tui Snider   18.  Anna Tan  
5.  C.D. Gallant-King   12.  Natasha Duncan-Drake   19.  Angeline Trevena  
6.  Nicole R. Locker   13.  Sophie Duncan   20.  Cassandra Giovanni  
7.  Amanda N. Butler   14.  Wittegen Press  

(Submissions close in 13h 6m)


Nicole R. Locker is a resident of Lubbock, Texas, USA. She has a Master of Science in Psychology and a love for pit bulls, Pilates, and romance novels. (And men with Irish accents!) By day, Nicole supervises a team of 11 social workers, and by night, she likes to escape reality and write about Alpha men who can handle their business. Find her at and

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