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Guest post by Swati Hegde of Geek Editing Services.

geek-editingAre you looking for a voracious reader who can tell you the good, bad and ugly of your next novel’s plot, story line, characters and voice?  Are you seeking a dedicated grammar Nazi who will cut, clean and refine your work into near-perfect publishing shape?

Well, your search is over.

Geek Editing offers the following editorial services:

  • Beta Reading: Involves a comprehensive four-page report regarding voice, dialogue, description, plot, delivery, inconsistencies, character development and more
  • Editing: Involves basic proofreading/line/copy editing
  • Beta Reading & Editing package: Involves all services

All fiction and non-fiction genres are acceptable.


“Swati was wonderful to work with! I had worked with her previously when she reviewed my books for her blog, and I always found her reviews to be fair and constructive. I was happy to learn she was now editing. I am so pleased with the attention to detail in the edits made on my book. I will certainly be hiring her again in the future!”NICOLE CAMPBELL, author of the Gem City Series

“Swati was professional and quick to respond to emails and messages. She beta read my manuscript in just a few days! Amazing speed! Her feedback was useful and extensive. Thank you very much for a quick and professional turnaround. I’d definitely recommend her services.”MIRIAM AVERNA, Author of No Cure for Fear

“Swati is amazing! I just worked with her for the first time and I will absolutely be calling her for my next book. I hired her for all three services – beta reading, editing, and proofreading. She did an incredible job. She is detail oriented, loves books, understands what readers need, and is a consummate professional. I recommend Swati to all indie authors. She will help you present a polished manuscript you can be proud of and it will make your readers happy!” – KAY HARRIS, Author of the Love On Tour Series

“After hiring Swati for her Beta Reading, Proofreading and Editing services, I could not have asked for a better job, and turned right around and hired her again for my second book. She was professional, honest, has a keen eye for grammar, and provided very helpful feedback that helped me really take my writing to a higher level. She was easy to work with, and I was impressed with the quick turnaround once she began working on my books. I have already arranged for Swati to do her magic with my third book, Tragedy and Desire. I have also recommended her to other book authors who have subsequently hired her, and I will continue to recommend her to anyone in need of good, quality, professional editing services.” – NICOLE R. LOCKER, Author of the First Impressions Series

Nicole R. Locker is a resident of Lubbock, Texas, USA. She has a Master of Science in Psychology and a love for pit bulls, Pilates, and romance novels. (And men with Irish accents!) By day, Nicole supervises a team of 11 social workers, and by night, she likes to escape reality and write about Alpha men who can handle their business. Find her at and

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