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#BookReview – Cinderella Undone by Nicole Snow

Even after years gone by, even after I’ve pushed you the f* away, you’re the only girl on the planet I see myself pretending to love.

cinderella undone
Cinderella Undone
by Nicole Snow

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked this book up because I’ve been really interested in jumping on the modern fairytale romance bandwagon lately, and this one was showing as a Bestseller with “Cinderella” right in the title. The verdict… I read pretty much the whole thing in 2 days. It’s one of those books you stay up late reading even though you know you’ve got to get up early and go to work the next day for.

Really, there was more than just a Cinderella theme in this book. Beauty and the Beast was pretty prominent, too. Knox was a quintessential bad-boy, like real bad boy, complete with anger issues and a tendency to choke the life out of people who cross him. He’s a former marine, and he left the military to work the dark diamond trade business his father shared with a shady partner, whose daughter Knox accidentally knocks up one night. He goes out of his way to be awful to people who care about him, too, even if he has reasons, good or bad. He could’ve been likened easily to a beast.

She never once imagined the man who piled on the hurt and degradation the most over the years would be the one who said never take it. 

Then, there’s the innocent, goody-two-shoes beauty, Kendra, who happens to be best friends with Knox’s younger sister. She’s too young for him when they’re growing up as kids with her having a huge crush on him, and he’s noble enough to think she deserves way better than him, even now, years into the future, when he’s fighting for his little girl, and he needs her help to do it.

This book was really good at several things. One was building up some mystery and suspense. The author did a great job at throwing little things in here and there that gave you just enough of something to wonder what it was about, and make you need to keep reading to find out what it turns out to be.

This book also had great love scenes between the Hero and heroine. You could definitely see the sparks flying between these two, and lots of good, rich details that keep you totally enthralled.

Even better when he climbs in, wraps his strong arms around my waist, and holds me like he’s making up for the times he let go.

Then there’s the story itself. There was a lot going on in this book, and I thought that, while maybe a few things could have been fleshed out a little better, overall, things were interesting, deep, and the stakes were definitely kept rising higher and higher.

The only reasons I can’t give this book 5 stars are:

1. There seemed to be some discrepancies in the time line. It starts out “4 years ago” but the next chapter says something about “two and a half years ago” referencing the same stuff that claimed to have happened 4 years ago. There were maybe a couple other minor examples of this, but that was the biggest one, and it was right off the bat at the beginning, so it had me wondering right off the bat how good the book could actually be. Four years seems to be right, since the little girl is 4 years old in the rest of the book.

2. It seemed like this book could use an extra round of proofreading to fix some typos here and there. The closet living thing to Lucifer himself… “What’s joke did I miss?”… I’m now I’m a glorified waitress… An older man’s gravely voice… (gravelly) … hands on her hands… etc.

3. As I mentioned previously, I did feel like some of the story could have been fleshed out a little better, like how Kendra didn’t recognize someone in a key part of the story that it seems questionable to me how she couldn’t recognize.

Even so, the story was very entertaining, the romance was great, and the end was satisfying. I’d say this one is worth the read.

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