Indie Author Day 2017 – Surprise!!

indie author day 2017 - Pink

Today is a day to celebrate. Why is that? Because it’s National Indie Author Day, and as an Indie Author myself, I thought I’d ask myself what makes this day so special for me?

Well, I’ll tell you.

  1. Because I get to do something I love, that I grew up believing was a hobby or a pass-time, but not something that would ever pay the bills, so why waste your time on it.
  2. Because having freedom to write what I want, write what YOU as a romance reader want, and having full, creative control of that feels amazing.
  3. Because I have met so many amazing people I am happy to now call friends, who I never would have met had it not been for my role as an Indie Author and all that entails.
  4. Because as a romance writer, I get to put more love in the world!
  5. Because creating something out of nothing is just really, really cool.
  6. Because I feel a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction when I look at a finished work and say… I wrote that!
  7. Because there’s more than one path up the mountain, and the journey is amazing.
  8. Because I can do things like making Tragedy and Desire completely FREE this weekend, just because I feel like it!
  9. Because I don’t have to wait on a publisher to maybe once or twice a year release my new books!
  10. Because I can get together with, say, 54 other authors, and give you 40, highly rated romance books for only $0.99 each for a limited time and 16 (also highly rated) FREEBIES, because Indie Authors are cool like that! (Oct 14-16, 2017)

Yea! So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!


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