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Nicole R. Locker is a resident of Lubbock, Texas. She has a Master of Science in Psychology and a love for pit bulls, Pilates, and romance novels. Nicole dreamed of becoming a writer since grade school after writing her first poem in 4th grade at the age of nine. A Social Worker since 2008, she has published life-coaching books on self-esteem and personal relationships, and has now added Fiction Romance to her repertoire.

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Well written for a new author. I will be watching for future books by Ms. Locker. I do not think we have seen the last of her. The potential is there. All my best in your future endeavors Nicole.

Michael W.

[Tragedy and Desire] was amazing! I loved the story and the characters were easy to get involved with.  I could barely put this book down.

Isa M.

I got so attached [in First Impressions] that I couldn’t put it down.

Sarah J.

[First Impressions] was a wonderful romance I read over the weekend. Pretty much spent my Friday night reading it well into Saturday morning.

Alexa W.

I really enjoyed the sweet romance that developed between Dylan and Zia in First Impressions, and it was fun seeing it from Dylan’s perspective in Second Thoughts. It’s a well-written, sweet romance which could be read as a standalone, but


What a cute YA romance [Second Thoughts]. I love reading from the guy’s perspective!

The Genre Minx Book Reviews

[Tragedy and Desire] Good narrative, full of surprises; interesting and round characters.

Lillian L.

[Tragedy and Desire] Well-written, with bold strokes, prepare to watch suspense and romance blend together to keep you turning each page.

Diane at Tome Tender Book Blog

[Tragedy and Desire] was a story to top several I’ve read as it gives you so much emotion and suspense … I loved the characters … The story was rich in plot and the suspense kept me hovering and wishing I

Rickie A.

Looking for romance? You found it.

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A voracious reader who tells you the good, bad and ugly of your next novel's plot, story line, characters and voice.  A dedicated grammar Nazi who will cut, clean and refine your work into near-perfect publishing shape.

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