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Dear Authors,

If there is one thing I have learned along the way of self-publishing, it is that you can’t shouldn’t do everything yourself.  In my experience, I have learned to DIY any and everything I can, but outsource the things that do not play to my strengths.  Call it an expense (tax write-off), or call it an investment.

A wise man once said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein.

You are a writer, which stands to reason that your talent is writing.  You shouldn’t have to feel stupid if, say, editing or book cover designing, are not your strengths.  So, here is a list of services I either offer or recommend to help you on your way to creating your new book (or revising an old one).

Beta Reading

I will beta-read any sub-genre of Romance.  In a beta-read, I will provide my honest feedback on what I liked, what I didn’t like, any plot inconsistencies I find, any obvious grammatical errors, and any other feedback I think will help take your book to the next level.  This is a free service.  Please note that while I will try my best to get to all requests I receive, I cannot guarantee I can accept every request since my time is limited.


Book Formatting

I can help you format your books for a professional overall appearance beyond the cover.  I can format for ebooks, paperback, or both.  If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the inside of your book, I will issue a full refund of your payment.  Save 10% when you select both options.

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Book Editing Service

I recommend Geek Editing for a reasonably priced, professional editing service.  Their services include professional beta-reading, proofreading, line editing, and copy editing.  I can personally recommend this service, and I am a repeat customer myself.  (I receive no compensation for recommending this service.)

Book Cover Design

I recommend Indielaborates for a reasonably priced, professional, and highly talented book cover designer.  Their services include ebook covers, full book covers (including back cover and spine), and also social network ads.  I can also personally recommend this service, having worked with this designer to create the cover for Tragedy and Desire.  She provided the ebook cover, paperback cover, and as many revisions as I asked for, for a flat fee of $50.  She also did the cover for a fellow author I am acquainted with, and these plus other finished covers she’s done are shown below.  (I receive no compensation for recommending this service.)

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