Big Man Blue

Big Man Blue 6x9 Kindle

Blue Brigham was the man of the farm from an early age, so it was easy to get swept up in his older-than-his-years charm all those years ago. But when it came down to it, legal wasn’t enough to keep a town like theirs from talking, and Harper Haley just wouldn’t risk going public with their brief affair they’d finally given into after years of subtle, innocent flirtation. She’d packed up and left town to marry another man her own age, thinking she’d left the past behind.

Blue thought he knew what he signed up for when he moved his sister back in at the farm after her husband left her for another woman, but when Harper shows up shortly after, he knows he’s in for trouble, still holding onto the grudge from all those years ago when she left him like he meant nothing, to be with another man. Trouble is, she looks better than ever, and she’s not going easy on him. Not even a little bit.

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