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Book Review – Dark Siren by Dignam and Martinez

dark siren urban fantasyDark Siren by Lee Dignam

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was awesome. I listened to the audio-book version, partly because I wanted to read this book sooner than I knew I had time for, and partly because Laurel Schroeder did the narrating. I’m glad I did, because the book was highly entertaining for me. The imagery was awesome. The story was awesome. The depth was awesome. And I found myself genuinely creeped out by what was going on in the story, probably a good half-dozen times, at least. When a story can freak you out and keep you on the edge of your seat, you know it’s good. It had me hooked, and creeped out, right from the beginning

I love the relationship between Alice and the super-hot, super smart, super-bad-ass, Isaac Moreau. They have undeniable chemistry that I felt came across really well, even despite her wanting and trying to be indifferent with him.

I’m curious and really want to find out about the ghost who lives in Nate’s closet that has haunted the men in his family for generations. I have the feeling we haven’t seen the last of Nate.

I thought the Good Doctor, connected with Isaac in a way I won’t spoil, was a really creative character, and I love how the author wrote him in and how he and Isaac are connected. I also thought Alice’s camera, Trapper, was creative, and the level of details given about the camera intrigued me… I still want to know what the different settings on the camera mean. Did I miss that? Will the camera make a reappearance in the next book?

As you can see, the authors did an excellent job of making me want need to read the next book in this series. I’ll be picking that up this weekend, for sure.

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Book Review – Magic Hunter by C.N. Crawford

His eyes blazed with a pale light, and he trailed his fingertips down her back, leaving a trail of tingles. “If you’re going to straddle demons in the woods, you might as well show a little leg.”


Magic Hunter: An Urban Fantasy Novel
by C.N. Crawford

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another great Urban Fantasy series starter. I read Magic Hunter over the weekend, and I loved it. It was so full of action, I don’t think it ever slowed down. The hits just kept coming, one right after another. I was completely engaged in this story from page one to the bitter-sweet end.

Rosalind is training to be a member of the Brotherhood. Her mission in life is to kill demons to save the lives of people, in between college classes and pining away for her ex-boyfriend. Then Caine shows up and contradicts everything she believes, everything she’s ever been taught. Who is Caine, you ask? Oh, he’s just a Shadow Mage with healing powers. And an incubus. And a hot-as-hell leader of the vampire army.

“Is it just me, or are you two awfully fond of ‘healing’ each other? You know, you could just shag like normal people and not subject yourself to broken bones first.”

The story line of this book was excellent. The characters were well-written and complex. I loved how the tension kept building and building between Rosalind and Caine, and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series to see their relationship grow even more. I really like how their relationship has been very gradual and even kind of back and forth so far. Even though he’s super sexy, and she has plenty of opportunities of go for it, we get this kind of slow burn thing going, and it makes me eager for more!

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Book Review – Keystone (Crossbreed Series Book 1) by Dannika Dark (with a #giveaway!)

He circled around me, whispering in my ear. “I’m O positive. I’m everyone’s type.”

keystone-dannika-darkKeystone by Dannika Dark

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dannika Dark is at it again. I don’t know how she does it, but she just has a way of drawing you into this fantasy world of Breed with rich characters and addictive story lines.

I’ve read every book Dannika Dark has ever put out to the public, and I’ve loved every. single. one of them. But the Mageri Series has literally been my all-time favorite series out of all the books I’ve ever read, and Christian Poe, the snarky, Vampire bodyguard introduced in Twist, Book 2 of that series, was one of my all-time favorite characters. There’s just something so utterly bad-ass about him, so humorous and salty yet likable. Oh, and did I mention he’s Irish?  (Cue my racing pulse.)

Now enter Keystone. A whole new series that begins after the final Mageri Series book (reading the former series not required), and we get another satisfying dose of Christian Poe as the leading man of the story. This book centers on a brand new character, a cross-breed anomaly who is half-vampire and half-mage. Raven Black is a rogue having to live under the radar for being what she is, and she’s got demons of her own to deal with. She’s a deadly huntress who’s killed more Breed than she’d care to count, and every one of them deserved it.

“Don’t you know who I am? I’m the Shadow. Legend has it that if a man loses his shadow, it means that I ate it, and I’m coming for the rest of him.”

But dammit, a girl’s gotta eat, and when you’re a rogue in the Breed world, it’s nearly impossible to find lucrative work. That’s where Keystone comes in, and though Raven fits right in with this bunch and their mission, to rid the world of evil, out-law Breed that the Higher Council is unable to find or unable to pin their crimes on to punish. The problem is, she has to prove herself first, and partnering her with the one Breed she hates the most – a vampire – might just be the deal breaker.

What I just freaking loved about this book, aside from being completely engrossed in the story from start to finish, was the moments here and there when we got to see this tender or seductive side of Christian-freaking-Poe. He says his heart is black as night, and he doesn’t feel love. He’s mouthy, and at times down-right hilarious in a sarcastic, ass-hole kind of way. And every now and then, he gives you a glimpse of this other side that no one gets to see, and I just ate it up. Couldn’t get enough of it.

“Did you get any blood on your breasts? I’m willing to go the extra mile.”

Then there were ALL the other characters. I’m amazed at how Dannika Dark can create these secondary characters that are so individual and full of life. Every one of them could have books all their own, they are so detailed, interesting, and full of personality. She did it in the Mageri Series (umm, hello… Christian Poe was a secondary character in that series, and look where we are now), and she’s done it here with Keystone, the first book in her new Crossbreed series.

And I cannot wait for Book 2.

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Book Review – Magick Reborn by Katerina Martinez

“Yes,” Bernarde quipped, “Deal with me, Jean Luc. Come and dance with the night, brother. Let us battle ‘till the sun turns us to ash.” – Katerina Martinez, Magick Reborn

Magick Reborn
by Katerina Martinez

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I saw the cover of this new Urban Fantasy Series starter, I knew I had to read it. I’m glad I did. It was a good story, reminding me a lot of another book I really liked, also set in New Orleans, with a super-hot French guy who is (but isn’t supposed to be) the guy you want the heroine to end up with, somehow, which was Ghouls Rush In by H.P. Mallory, and it’s even better sequel, Once Haunted, Twice Shy.

I found Magick Reborn to be a quick, easy, and entertaining read. There were a couple of things I thought were a tad bit lacking, like the development of Nicole’s character and the role she played. I kept having this feeling like, why are you trusting this girl? I don’t trust her! Which ended up being a wrong assumption on my part, which I was able to figure out toward the end of the book.

But other than that, I really loved several other aspects of this book. I loved the secrets about the house, the history that drew Madison to it in the first place. I super-loved Jean Luc and pretty much everything about his character, noble and bad-ass at the same time. I hope there’s A LOT more of him in the next book!! I loved what the author did with Remy’s character, and how things played out for him at the end of this book. I also thought the way Madison could feel the flares of magick while she was on a date with Remy was kind of bone-chilling once I figured out what caused it. Talk about foreshadowing! Wow.

And of course, knowing Book 2 will come out in just a few weeks probably helped me feel less “cliff-hangery,” surely I’m not the first to invent that word, but while there are several things still left open to be resolved, pretty big things, I didn’t feel too cheated by the ending of this book. I felt like it set it up nicely to move into Book #2, which I will definitely be reading.

(view spoiler)

I think this book is well-worth 4 stars, and if it hadn’t been for the two things I mentioned above, between Nicole’s character and my spoiler question, I’d have probably given it five stars.

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Book Review – Tall, Dark, and Deadly by Kharma Kelley

Tall, Dark & Deadly (Agents of The Bureau, #1)Tall, Dark & Deadly by Kharma Kelley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Creative and Inventive Urban Fantasy

Very good book. The characters were creative and inventive. The story did a good job of holding my interest, with lots of action, building up mystery and intrigue, and even a little bit of steamy romance. I like how the extent of Ethan’s gifts or powers, identity even, kind of build up throughout the story until at just the right moment it’s finally revealed. I also enjoyed seeing the deeper side of Chloe that was slowly revealed little by little. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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