Book Review – Demon Magic (Dragon’s Gift: The Seeker, Book 2) by Linsey Hall

Demon Magic (Dragon's Gift: The Seeker, #2)Demon Magic by Linsey Hall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another great book by Linsey Hall. The Dragon’s Gift serieses (multiple) are my new favorite books. So much action, adventure, fantasy, romance… what’s not to love? I love how quirky Del is, always knocking on her head and carrying good luck charms around. I find it endearing how she’s been so vulnerable and questioning Roarke’s feelings for her. She’s such a relatable character. I also love the way the author reveals things little by little, and maintains some mystery that keeps you wanting to keep reading to learn more. The curse that is blocking her magic, for example, and this mysterious Shadow guy? Draka, the phantom dragon, and where she’s gone off to? There’s just so much to like about these books, starting from Ancient Magic with Cass, all the way through this newest story of Del’s. I also like Roarke a lot more in this second book. So many great characters… You’re seriously missing out if you haven’t picked this series up yet.

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Book Review – Mirror Mage by Linsey Hall (Dragon’s Gift: The Huntress Book 2)

mirror mage - linsey hall
Mirror Mage
by Linsey Hall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I know that a lot of times, sequels are not quite as good as the first in a series. With Mirror Mage, that was just not the case. This was another fantastic book full of action, adventure, magic, mystery, and intrigue.

I listened to this entire book via Audible, because the audio book narration by Laurel Schroeder is top notch. Her varying accents and voices for each of the characters really brings this book series to life, and I’m thanking fates that there are still three more books to go. I’ve already added the audio book purchase for Book 3, Stolen Magic and can’t wait to jump into it.

In Mirror Mage, the story picks up where it left off, and Cass has been spending a lot more time with Aidan as he helps her practice using her magic. When she gets dragged into doing a job for the Alpha Council, she finds herself closer and closer to danger, but also closer to Aidan during the process.

I was very excited to read how the relationship continues to build between Cass and Aidan. He’s so protective of her, you just just can’t help but root for these two. I was also very much excited to see the other characters playing a much more prominent role in this book. Even Claire and Conner had an active part in this book, in addition to Del and Nix.

I found the story line to be very creative, and the author must have already had this book planned out when she wrote the first one, because there were a lot of things introduced in the first book that became vital to this one, including Nix’s conjuring abilities and how they come in handy in a very important way.

We also get to see some flashes of Cass’s past, during the time before she, Del, and Nix woke up in that field at age 15 with no memories. They only come in bits and pieces here and there, but some important info is starting to shed itself to the light. There are still questions that need to be answered, and still a looming threat that needs to be handled, but once again, I felt like the end of this book wrapped up most of the bigger themes from this book and did not feel like I was left with a cliffhanger.

Seriously, if you haven’t started reading this series, go pick up Ancient Magic right now. Very well worth the read.

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Book Review – Ancient Magic by Linsey Hall

ancient magic - linsey hall
Ancient Magic
by Linsey Hall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Action, adventure, fantasy, mystery, and a little bit of romance. Here’s a kick-ass, female protagonist; then, enter a swoon-worthy side-kick who just happens to have a Scottish accent, and I was in love.

At the age of 15, Cass and two other girls woke up in a field with no memory of who they were or where they came from. All they could remember was, run… hide… FireSoul. They are Magica, and indeed, they are FireSouls, a type of Magica who are hunted and imprisoned or killed for the risk they pose to other Magica, having a part of a dragon’s soul and the ability to steal other powers by killing the Magica they belong to. But who are they running from? They only remember he’s evil.

Ten years later, these girls, now sisters for all intents and purposes, have made a life for themselves in Magic’s Bend, keeping their secret and staying under the radar. That is, until sexy and dangerous Aidan, the notorious and ridiculously wealthy Origin shifter, turns up wanting Cass’s help finding a magical artifact that could expose them all.

This book reminded me of two of my all time favorite series, The Mageri Series Box Set by Dannika Dark and A Rylee Adamson Omnibus: Books 1-3 by Shannon Mayer. The world that Hall created was interesting, fun, and exciting.

The story itself was very intriguing and kept me interested throughout. You know those books that just never have a moment of lag or boredom? This is one of them. Right away, it created mystery and developed a good, emotional connection. There’s something about these girls and their vulnerability in the prologue that makes you root for them and hope they succeed.

I liked how Cass was an independent woman who could take care of herself, but even more so, I liked that she liked that Aidan was willing to put himself in between her and danger. It made them seem like more of a team rather than being too unnecessarily adversarial. She’s already fighting her feelings for him because she must hide her and her sisters’ secret.

I also like how this book wraps up the current story, but still leaves some big questions that remain unanswered, which makes me want to start reading Book 2 (Mirror Mage). Further, part of this book I listened to on audio book while on the long drive to and from visiting family for Thanksgiving, and the audio book quality is great as well. The narrator does a fantastic Scottish accent to make Aidan Merrick even more of a heart throb.

I’m going to have to say that if you are a fan of Urban Fantasy or strong female leads, this book is a must read. Five Stars.

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Book Review -In Blood We Trust by Elodie Colt

In Blood We Trust - Elodie Colt
In Blood We Trust
by Elodie Colt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received an Advanced Reviewer Copy of this book for the purposes of beta-reading. I was not asked to leave a review, but definitely wanted to share my thoughts on this book.

It was fantastic. Even the early edition I read that hasn’t/hadn’t been edited yet was written really well. The premise of the story intrigued me, but the story itself, I can honestly say pulled me in from page one, and kept me turning the pages to see what happened next.

I felt like the futuristic aspect of this story was very realistic. It was subtle, not overdone, which helped add to the realism for me. Then there was the idea that, in the future, the cure for cancer is not without its own side effects, which turn people into virtual, real-life vampires, and not in a sci-fi kind of way. I also found it so believable the way that the agency who created the Cure kept the money coming in, so typical of that industry as we know.

Then there was the romance. My favorite part of any good story, the Romance in this book was just the right amount of build-up. It wasn’t “insta-love.” It took them some time to work up to the good stuff, and the good stuff was very good!

There was a good amount of depth to the characters in this book, especially the main character/heroine who we follow from start to finish. Her past and how it shaped her as a person, I felt was consistent throughout the book, and I felt like there were several things that made her very relatable. I was able to really sympathize with her and like her from the get-go. The stakes were set high immediately, and I was rooting for her to succeed from page one.

I also found the pacing of this story to be just right. There was not a single point in this story that I can remember feeling like it was lagging in any way or wanting to skim over.

Overall, this book is well worth the read. This is a book I can see myself rereading again. Very good work and well-deserving of every one of the 5 stars.

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Book Review – Déjà Moo by P.J. Benney

Book Synopsis
A grown-up version of Harry Potter meets Sherlock Holmes, Benney’s magical world of timeless wonder is truly a phenomenal read.

In this time-travel fantasy novel, an unlikely bunch is thrown together to solve the mystery of the missing Holstein when local celebrity Daniel Wesley’s bovine mascot disappears into thin air at a yearly festival. Throw in an out of work cop on the hunt for a werewolf, and a witch who feels responsible in a roundabout way, and you’re in for one wild adventure full of twists and turns, not necessarily in that order.

My Review

What Worked:
There are a lot of great things to say about this book. First of all, the writing is hilarious. I can’t even count how many times I commented “lol” from my Kindle, and this is all the way throughout. In fact, I found the entire book to be consistently well-written, both in grammar and plot, throughout as well. The story kept moving, the pacing was spot on, and I was hooked from start to finish.

There are so many characters in this book that I just love, and you get to follow a good number of them throughout the story. I think my favorite character of all would have to be Absolom, the Sempiternal, who has lived a great many lifetimes. Although, even more brilliant, is the character of History itself, who makes numerous appearances like some kind of living being who watches down on all things as they happen, happened, or will happen… for time is relative, you know?

I love how this book makes you really have to think! And just when you think you’ve got things figured out, here comes a twist and you’ve got to keep reading to find out what happens next.

The end of the book, while it tied up the biggest issue at hand, still left some things open to transition nicely into a second book, which I will definitely be looking for.

It’s books like this one that gives Indie a good name.

What Could Use Some Work:
In all honesty, the cover of the book was not very appealing to me, nor was the title, though now that I’ve read it, I can see how they both sort of fit. I think with at least a 2nd edition cover, this book would be flying off the shelves or climbing its way up the Amazon best seller charts.

EDIT: Mr. Benney has updated his book cover, and quite frankly, I like it lots better!!

Overall, I think we can expect great things from Mr. Benney, and I will definitely be watching for his new releases in the future… which some may say has already happened. 😉

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