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Get Ready For My Best Book Yet!

I’ve been quiet in the blogosphere lately, and for good reason. I’ve been toiling away these past few weeks with a self-imposed deadline, working on my newest book, and as of yesterday, I finally finished the last chapter. I spent the remainder of the day doing a full read-through to self-edit and make sure everything flowed, everything fit, added some extra details here and there, and got it ready to send off to my editor.

I’m excited to introduce…

Boss Unwavering

Boss Unwavering KINDLE 6x9

What’s exciting about Boss Unwavering?

  • Strong female lead
  • Role reversal (female boss)
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Alpha Hero
  • Military Romance (former Navy, former NCIS agent)
  • Protector
  • Suspense and Danger
  • Slow burn romance

Elaina Evans is my strongest female character yet. She’s the owner of an upscale bar in Houston. She’s used to the high rollers and rowdy thugs who frequent her bar, and she knows how to keep her patrons and staff in line. When Elaina speaks, people listen. She’s independent, confident, and like any woman who knows how to get what she wants, she’s stubborn as a mule.

Enter Sebastian Stone. He’s as dominant as they come, having spent years training with the Navy SEALs, even more years fighting crime lords and terrorists with NCIS, and now, he’s hung up his hat for a slower pace as a self-employed Private Investigator. He’s smart, tough, and oh, by the way, throw in a sordid past and the fact that he’s a recovering alcoholic.

Put these two in a room together bidding on the same, prized item in a salvage auction, and someone’s bound to get hurt, one way or another.

These two both end up learning just what they’re made of when Elaina’s life is threatened and she must surrender control, something she would never willingly do, and put her life in Sebastian’s hands. Boundaries are tested and passion abounds when Sebastian makes Elaina an offer she can’t refuse.

Boss Unwavering Teaser

While we’re waiting for my editor to work her magic, there’s a couple things you can do.

Grab an exclusive, sneak peek of the first 6 Chapters.

Preorder now for only $0.99 and have it delivered to your e-reader the moment it goes live.


Narrator Wanted

I’m looking for acting talent to narrate the audio book, so if you know of someone fantastic, send them my way or have them audition here.

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#NewRelease – Boss Unavowed by Nicole R. Locker

“Get your mind in the gutter, Fair Child. That man has kinky bastard written all over him.” 

Boss Unavowed 6x9Guess what, Romance junkies! The sequel novella to Boss Unyielding is now here, and reviewers are saying Boss Unavowed is just as good, if not better, going deeper into the characters and their pasts to bring them full circle in a most fulfilling and surprising way!

Grab the first 6 chapters FREE

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It was a novel feeling wanting to take care of a woman, giving a shit about a future together, but f***if he didn’t need her like his next breath.”

Available Now!

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My Crazy TBR List At the Moment #amreading

I’ve never had so many must-read books on my TBR list at one time. I don’t know where to start! They’re all brand-spanking new, and all from authors I already know I’m going to FREAKING LOVE!!  The struggle is real, people!  Help me out here?

selenium night - kharma kelley fugitive of magic - linsey hall hit me - elodie colt take a chance on me - maria luis knocked up plan - lauren blakely


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#CoverReveal – Boss Unyielding: A Secret Baby Office #Romance (With free preview!)

Happy Sunday, Romance book lovers!  I’ve got some exciting news for you.  My latest book, Boss Unyielding: A Secret Baby Office Romance is complete, is now in the hands of my Street Team, and officially available for Pre-Order on all major ebook retailers!

Boss Unyielding

Farren Fields shouldn’t be attracted to her hot, older boss… But she is.

Farren is a lot more than just a young, innocent beauty. She’s a tech genius with a brilliant mind, though no one would ever know it. She’s dreamed of working for the illustrious, Houston-based technology firm, Rayner Technologies, since she was a sophomore in high school. So what if that was only six years ago? She knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to go after it. That is, until the sexy-as-hell, mysterious, brilliant, Alpha playboy who owns the company becomes the object of her innermost desires.

Rogan Rayner knows his new, star employee is off limits… But when have limits ever stopped him? This time, he may have finally met his match, and it’s nothing like he ever expected.


Some of the Romance Tropes you’ll see in this book include: Alpha Hero, Billionaire, May/December (older man, younger woman), Forbidden Love (boss/employee), Office Romance, Playboy, Scars, Secret Baby, and Tortured Hero.

Heat Level is a Steamy 4 out of 5.

Want an EARLY PREVIEW of Boss Unyielding?  Click Here!

PreOrder Now for only $0.99

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Book Review – Keystone (Crossbreed Series Book 1) by Dannika Dark (with a #giveaway!)

He circled around me, whispering in my ear. “I’m O positive. I’m everyone’s type.”

keystone-dannika-darkKeystone by Dannika Dark

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dannika Dark is at it again. I don’t know how she does it, but she just has a way of drawing you into this fantasy world of Breed with rich characters and addictive story lines.

I’ve read every book Dannika Dark has ever put out to the public, and I’ve loved every. single. one of them. But the Mageri Series has literally been my all-time favorite series out of all the books I’ve ever read, and Christian Poe, the snarky, Vampire bodyguard introduced in Twist, Book 2 of that series, was one of my all-time favorite characters. There’s just something so utterly bad-ass about him, so humorous and salty yet likable. Oh, and did I mention he’s Irish?  (Cue my racing pulse.)

Now enter Keystone. A whole new series that begins after the final Mageri Series book (reading the former series not required), and we get another satisfying dose of Christian Poe as the leading man of the story. This book centers on a brand new character, a cross-breed anomaly who is half-vampire and half-mage. Raven Black is a rogue having to live under the radar for being what she is, and she’s got demons of her own to deal with. She’s a deadly huntress who’s killed more Breed than she’d care to count, and every one of them deserved it.

“Don’t you know who I am? I’m the Shadow. Legend has it that if a man loses his shadow, it means that I ate it, and I’m coming for the rest of him.”

But dammit, a girl’s gotta eat, and when you’re a rogue in the Breed world, it’s nearly impossible to find lucrative work. That’s where Keystone comes in, and though Raven fits right in with this bunch and their mission, to rid the world of evil, out-law Breed that the Higher Council is unable to find or unable to pin their crimes on to punish. The problem is, she has to prove herself first, and partnering her with the one Breed she hates the most – a vampire – might just be the deal breaker.

What I just freaking loved about this book, aside from being completely engrossed in the story from start to finish, was the moments here and there when we got to see this tender or seductive side of Christian-freaking-Poe. He says his heart is black as night, and he doesn’t feel love. He’s mouthy, and at times down-right hilarious in a sarcastic, ass-hole kind of way. And every now and then, he gives you a glimpse of this other side that no one gets to see, and I just ate it up. Couldn’t get enough of it.

“Did you get any blood on your breasts? I’m willing to go the extra mile.”

Then there were ALL the other characters. I’m amazed at how Dannika Dark can create these secondary characters that are so individual and full of life. Every one of them could have books all their own, they are so detailed, interesting, and full of personality. She did it in the Mageri Series (umm, hello… Christian Poe was a secondary character in that series, and look where we are now), and she’s done it here with Keystone, the first book in her new Crossbreed series.

And I cannot wait for Book 2.

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