First Impressions Collection

The First Impressions Collection by Nicole R. Locker


First Impressions

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“The storyline pulled me in, and I fell in love with Zia & Dylan.
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Second Thoughts

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“I wasn’t sure how exciting the same story was going to be, just because it was from a different POV. Well, I was wrong. It was amazing.”
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First Impressions Duet

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I enjoyed reading these books very much. I like getting both sides of the characters thoughts and feelings. And I loved the endings!
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The First Impressions Collection

Book 1: First Impressions (Zia’s POV)

Book 2: Second Thoughts (Dylan’s POV)

Duet: Books 1 & 2 Combined

A quiet psychology major. The lead player of the University Soccer Team. A well-intended deal that goes anything but as planned.

College romance isn’t that complicated. When you can read people like a book, what else is there to know? Marzia Benagli wasn’t impressed with Dylan, not that he was lacking attention from every other girl around. Then, a chance meeting in a coffee shop off campus leads Zia to offer her psychology skills to help Dylan get out of his own way and meet girls with more to offer than just a pretty face. Seeing a different side of Dylan brings about a change of heart, but with their arrangement underway, it might be too little, too late.

Now, get both sides of the story, from Zia’s perspective in First Impressions (Book 1) and Dylan’s added perspective in Second Thoughts (Book 2). Are Dylan’s motives really what Zia thought? Find out in these debut romance novellas by Nicole R. Locker, a sweet, college romance story.

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