Exclusive Interview with Jax Maddox

Interview with Jax Maddox

Jax: Welcome to Maddox Industries, Miss Locker.  Please come in and have a seat.

Nicole: (Eyeing the sofa with a questionable glare) Thank you.  I appreciate you inviting me here today.  (Sits down hesitantly, recalling things that happened right where I’m sitting, trying not to think about it.)

Jax: Certainly.  I always make time for my most valued clients.

Nicole: Well, aren’t you flattering today?  (Typical ladies man, eh?)

Jax: (With a wry smile) I do what I can.

Nicole: (Looks past Jax to the floor-to-ceiling windows behind him overlooking the City of Dallas.)  That really is a great view.  You can see the entire city from up here.

Jax: Why were you so averse to meeting me here?  Come to think of it, this is the first time you’ve been to my office, is it not?

Nicole: Uh, yes.  Definitely.  I don’t do heights.  (Feels a slight urge to vomit, trying to keep my head from spinning.)

Jax: (humorous chuckle)

Nicole: So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Jax: Absolutely.  I’m all yours.

Nicole: For those who don’t know you yet, can you explain a little about yourself?

Jax: About myself.  Hmm.  Well, I’d consider myself to be a successful businessman.  I run a multi-billion dollar company that I initially inherited from my father, Walter Maddox, about ten years ago, before tripling our profits over the past decade.

Nicole: Ten years ago?  You must have been really young!  That’s impressive.

Jax: Yes, about twenty-five at the time.  Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot in ten years.

Nicole: You’re very charismatic, though.  It seems to come naturally for you.

Jax: It’s not without hard work, but I would say I have a talent for persuasion.

Nicole: (No disagreement from me there.)  And what kinds of things does your company do?

Jax: We do a little bit of everything, from local real-estate investments, to international trades, and several things in between.

Nicole: That sounds kind of vague.  Any elaboration?

Jax: (He gives me a sinister grin.)  I won’t be giving out any trade secrets today, if that’s what you’re hoping.  But for example… I do a lot of investing in existing companies about to go under that I restructure  and turn into profitable ventures.

Nicole: I see.  Anything new in the works at the moment?

Jax: I’m looking at a prospect in Boston at the moment.  We’ll see how it goes.  (His sly grin returns, and I get the idea he already knows how it’s going to go.)

Nicole: You mentioned your father, Walter.  Can you tell us a little about him?

Jax: I’d rather not.

Nicole: We didn’t really get to know much about him in the book, but it sounds like there might be some tension there.

Jax: (Says nothing, gives me a look that says he’s not backing down on this one.)

Nicole: (Eyes him and pauses to be sure.  Then shrugs in defeat.)  Okay, then.  What about your mother?  Doesn’t she help you run a branch of Maddox Industries?

Jax: (Face lights up)  Yes, she does.  Victoria runs the Young Foundation, which is a philanthropic branch of Maddox Industries.

Nicole: Not many people know that the Young Foundation is associated with Maddox Industries.  Is there a reason you don’t really publicize this?

Jax: (Shrugs dismissively) I give Victoria total control and free reign of that branch while I tend to other matters.  It’s not a secret, but I see no reason to boast my company’s good deeds.  I prefer to let my work speak for itself.

Nicole: (Nods.)  Let’s switch gears here for a minute, if you don’t mind.  I know that things got pretty intense recently with a certain young brunette you’ve had your sights set on.  Has the dust had a chance to settle on all of that?

Jax: (Presses his lips into a thin line)  Things are starting to calm down.  We have some hurdles we still need to get over, but I’ve yet to face a challenge I can’t overcome.

Nicole: So things are… good between the two of you?

Jax: (A wide smile creeps across his face and he gives a suggestive eyebrow raise.)  You know I like to keep my personal affairs private, Miss Locker.

Nicole: I’m sure Perla appreciates that.  (I chuckle, getting all the answer I need from the look on his face.)

Jax: And what about you?  Anyone special in your life at the moment?

Nicole: Hey, this interview isn’t about me.  You let me ask the questions.

Jax: My apologies.

Nicole: So I just have one more question for you this evening, but it’s the most important question of all.

Jax: (He leans back in his chair.)  My interest is piqued.  Fire away, Miss Locker.

Nicole: Give the readers one good reason why they should read yours and Perla’s story, Tragedy and Desire.

Jax: One good reason?  I can do better than that.  I’ll give you three.

Nicole: (Smiles and nods for him to proceed.)

Jax: One – because if they don’t read it, they’ll never know what happened on the couch you’re sitting on right now.

Nicole: (Tries hard not to cringe, but gets a seriously hot mental picture which makes it totally worth it.)

Sexy Male Model In Underwear

Jax: Two – because you’ll meet characters, like myself, some of which you’ll hate to love, and some of which you’ll love to hate.

Nicole: I can agree with that.

Jax: And three – because the sequel is going to be even hotter than this one.  And they’re really not going to want to miss that one, but first thing’s first.

Nicole: Yes, so it is.  Excellent reasons, Jax.  Well, I want to thank you again for making the time to meet with me tonight.  I know you are a busy, busy man.

Jax: It’s always a pleasure, Miss Locker.  I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Nicole: Very soon. (Wink.)

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