Pre-Made Book Covers

Like any of these pre-made book covers?  They can be yours for $35 each.  Click the cover to purchase, and complete the form below to provide your book details.  Check back for more soon!

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Looking for romance? You found it.

Nicole R. Locker Recommends…

A voracious reader who tells you the good, bad and ugly of your next novel's plot, story line, characters and voice.  A dedicated grammar Nazi who will cut, clean and refine your work into near-perfect publishing shape.

Editorial Services:

  • Beta Reading
  • Editing
    • Line Editing
    • Copy Editing
    • Proofreading
  • Combined Packages Available

All genres of fiction & nonfiction accepted.

A digital artist who helps writers find the perfect cover for their books. A booklover herself, she understands the importance of an eye-catching cover, and tries to convey the feelings of the author through her works.

Design Services:

  • Ebook Covers (premade and custom)
  • Full Covers (incl. back and spine)
  • Social network ads.

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