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A set of firsts by contemporary romance author, Nicole R. Locker.

Book 1: Boss Unyielding

She wasn’t the kind of girl men stuck around for. Life had taught her she wasn’t the kind of girl people moved mountains for. He disagreed.

Farren Fields shouldn’t be attracted to her hot, older boss… But she is.

She’s brains and beauty, unafraid to go after what she wants – until her sexy, Alpha, playboy boss becomes the object of her innermost desires.

Rogan Rayner knows his new star employee is off limits… But when have limits ever been able to stop him?

“In this world, there is nothing softer or thinner than water. But to compel the hard and unyielding, it has no equal. That the weak overcomes the strong, that the hard gives way to the gentle – this everyone knows. Yet no one asks accordingly.” -Laozi

Book 2: Big Man Blue

“High heat, high emotions, and as much drama as your romantic little heart can handle. A winning romance for Nicole R. Locker.”

How far would you go to get him back?
Blue Brigham was barely a man when he first got his chance with the girl he’d loved all his life. He made her laugh, and he made her love, but he couldn’t make her stay. Legal wasn’t enough for their older woman-younger man relationship, not in a town like theirs, so before he knew it, she’d left town to marry another man her own age and took his heart with her.

Ten years later, Harper Haley is back and looking better than ever, but even a rocking body and a smile as sweet as he remembered isn’t enough to melt his defenses. She won’t have the chance to break his heart a second time. Trouble is, she’s staying here in his house since he moved his sister in after her recent divorce, and Harper’s not going easy on him. Not even a little bit.

Either he’ll take his revenge, or she’ll take what’s left of his heart. Either way, someone’s going down.

Fans of enemies to lovers, older woman/younger man, best friend’s brother, return to hometown, second chance, cowboy romance will enjoy Big Man Blue. Written in Third Person, dual character POV. Now available in audio, duet narration by Tor Thom and Charley Ongel!

The Genre Minx Book Reviews said:

“Big Man Blue is an amazing second chance romance that will tug at your heartstrings from start to finish and I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy today.”

Other Praise for Big Man Blue:

“High heat, high emotions, and as much drama as your romantic little heart can handle. A winning romance for Nicole R. Locker.”

“Deserves more than 5 stars. Grab all the stars in the sky might do it justice. Blue is more than your next book boyfriend he’s who you would want for a book husband.”

“Grabbed hold to the heartstrings and did not let go even at the end.”

“Ms. Locker has done it again. This is not your straightforward second chance romance. This is a book about true love, making mistakes and fighting for what you want. Great character development, steamy sex scenes, and twists and turns to really be able to sink into the book.”

“I absolutely loved this book! I was on tenterhooks the whole time. The tension was high. The chemistry between Blue and Harper was explosive! Amazing book!”

Book 3: Reckless

Hot as the Dallas, summer heat – Perla Fae resists the advances of a sexy as hell, playboy billionaire to protect her heart from further devastation. It should be easy, coming fresh out of a painful breakup, starting a new job, and the calendar just days away from the tragic reminder of why she feels utterly alone in the world.

Jax Maddox doesn’t do emotions or complications in his love life, but if there’s one thing he loves more than anything, it’s a challenge. He may have just met his match.


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