Two Man Red


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Isn’t life just full of choices?

When your no-good, life-sucking, sorry excuse for an ex-husband gets his young, new girlfriend pregnant (when it was “never the right time” to have kids with you), you give the no-good S.O.B. a big fat middle finger and take your revenge the best way you know how… you move on with your life!

For Blake, it seems like a no-brainer, right? She’s been seeing Chase Charleston, the sexy farmhand who works for her brother, for a few months now, and things are heating up. Until Hunter Haley moves back to town. Her first love, her first … everything! She doesn’t want to react to him the way she does, but she can’t help it.

Now, both men are vying for her heart, and she has to choose one of them, hopefully before she loses them both in the process. And choosing … that’s easier said than done!

(This is a standalone, love triangle romance with an HEA. It is also a sequel to Big Man Blue. Characters are upfront with regard to the love triangle, and no cheating is involved.)

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