Self Esteem

self-esteem-kindleThis structured 3 month coaching program was developed for individuals looking to build or re-build their self-esteem to become more effective in their careers, relationships, and daily lives. It is best used in the context of professional life coaching with a trained professional to assist with the goal setting and powerful questioning you will receive from a life coach.

For coaches looking for a program to use with clients, the information contained in this workbook is completely based on scientific research on the topic of self-esteem (references included). It comes complete with a 3 month agenda mapping out what each session will consist of, an example of the poster/flier created initially for the author’s own use of the program, and a full set of exercises to complete with your clients to help them build their self-esteem.

This workbook contains the tools and exercises needed for both coach and clients to complete the Self-Esteem 3 Month Transformational Coaching Program brought to you by Life Goal Solutions, Inc. It involves exercises for personal development in areas, such as resilience, assertiveness, conflict resolution, and more.

Self Esteem 3 Month Transformational Coaching Program Workbook

Available Formats:

  • Kindle Ebook
  • Paperback

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