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#BookReveal – Holiday Fling: A Holiday Romance (Releases Dec 8 – Pre-Order Now!)

Holiday Fling Ebook

Let me tell you what I’m excited about now! I just uploaded the completed file for Holiday Fling, on Preorder now to release December 8, 2017.

If you like holiday romance, charismatic characters, and flirty, Irish Heroes, well… get ready for this one!! I’m excited to say my early readers are really liking this one, too!

I have the audio book already lined up, and the illustrious Tracy Marks will be voicing this fun, romantic, holiday story!  You can hear a sample of the audio here.

Silver - Amazon  Silver - Sample Chapters

Teaser - Holiday Fling

Two friends. Two weeks in NYC. One chance to make their dreams come true.

Millicent Montgomery has her entire career riding on the two weeks of public events her PR firm is in charge of managing for Brinne Wren, the spoiled heiress of a major software company whose memoir has just hit shelves right before the Christmas Holidays. Her friend, Rhea, aka Goldie, is recently dumped and along for the ride, and Millie is determined to get her friend’s mind off the past by setting her up with a hunky doctor they meet in a coffee shop their first day there.

Goldie makes her a deal – I will if you will – after Millie runs into a super studly Irish investor with charm and looks to spare. Too bad Millie’s been pining away for an old friend back home who doesn’t give her the time of day, but Seamus Gallagher sets his sights on the charismatic Millie, pursuing her relentlessly, even after she discovers the gorgeous, sexy as hell man is the one who’s got it out for Brinne and may cost Millie the only shot she has at her biggest dream of making senior partner.

Holiday Fling - Paperback

Holiday Fling - Audio Book 1

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#BookReview – The Room Mate by Kendall Ryan

“Don’t look back.  If Cinderella had gone back for her shoe, she wouldn’t be a princess today.”

the Room Mate - Kendall Ryan
The Room Mate
by Kendall Ryan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another take on the best friend’s brother romance, which I am growing to love. This was a well-written book with lots of back and forth, lots of hair pulling, what the heck are you people thinking, open your eyes stupid, suspense.

The characters were all likable. They had distinct personalities and histories, which made them more dimensional and realistic, right on down to the little dog named Enchilada. It was a refreshing twist on why the best friend didn’t want the heroine dating her brother.

There was a lot of chemistry between the two main characters, Paige and Cannon. When they got down and dirty, it was explosive. He was a younger guy, but more experienced than her in the bedroom, and the little details the author wrote in really brought the scenes to life.

There was a point where I found myself getting anxious for the twists to stop coming and get on with the HEA. It really was one thing after another getting in between these two, if not their own internal conflicts then all kinds of external things being thrown at them. It definitely made the epilogue a lot more satisfying when it finally got there.

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Audio Audition Voting – Round 2

The numbers are in from the first round of voting, and there was a clear winner.  I’ve reached out to Mr. Dawson McBride (yes, he did have such a yummy sound, didn’t he?).  The bad news is, Mr. McBride is a little too far outside my price range, and though I think he’s worth every penny he was asking for, I just can’t afford him right now, I hate to say.  He did try to work with me and came down a little, but even his bottom line minimum was out of my reach.

Vote results

So… with that being said, I have a 4th audition, so I’m doing ONE MORE ROUND of voting!  I’m putting it in your hands, and it’s the All-or-Nothing, lightning round between the 2nd place winner of the last vote and the new audition.  Let me know who you like best, for the win!

Boss Unwavering KINDLE 6x9
Preorder the Ebook now!

Let me know what you think! Voting will end Wednesday, November 15, 2017, at 11:59 PM CST.

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Get Ready For My Best Book Yet!

I’ve been quiet in the blogosphere lately, and for good reason. I’ve been toiling away these past few weeks with a self-imposed deadline, working on my newest book, and as of yesterday, I finally finished the last chapter. I spent the remainder of the day doing a full read-through to self-edit and make sure everything flowed, everything fit, added some extra details here and there, and got it ready to send off to my editor.

I’m excited to introduce…

Boss Unwavering

Boss Unwavering KINDLE 6x9

What’s exciting about Boss Unwavering?

  • Strong female lead
  • Role reversal (female boss)
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Alpha Hero
  • Military Romance (former Navy, former NCIS agent)
  • Protector
  • Suspense and Danger
  • Slow burn romance

Elaina Evans is my strongest female character yet. She’s the owner of an upscale bar in Houston. She’s used to the high rollers and rowdy thugs who frequent her bar, and she knows how to keep her patrons and staff in line. When Elaina speaks, people listen. She’s independent, confident, and like any woman who knows how to get what she wants, she’s stubborn as a mule.

Enter Sebastian Stone. He’s as dominant as they come, having spent years training with the Navy SEALs, even more years fighting crime lords and terrorists with NCIS, and now, he’s hung up his hat for a slower pace as a self-employed Private Investigator. He’s smart, tough, and oh, by the way, throw in a sordid past and the fact that he’s a recovering alcoholic.

Put these two in a room together bidding on the same, prized item in a salvage auction, and someone’s bound to get hurt, one way or another.

These two both end up learning just what they’re made of when Elaina’s life is threatened and she must surrender control, something she would never willingly do, and put her life in Sebastian’s hands. Boundaries are tested and passion abounds when Sebastian makes Elaina an offer she can’t refuse.

Boss Unwavering Teaser

While we’re waiting for my editor to work her magic, there’s a couple things you can do.

Grab an exclusive, sneak peek of the first 6 Chapters.

Preorder now for only $0.99 and have it delivered to your e-reader the moment it goes live.


Narrator Wanted

I’m looking for acting talent to narrate the audio book, so if you know of someone fantastic, send them my way or have them audition here.